Why you should grow your own Scrum Masters instead of bringing in outside coaches

If you are kicking off new teams there are two types of coaches you can bring in. While it’s useful to bring in someone who can actually help with the work, such as a technical or ATDD coach, when it comes to Scrum or Agile coaches it’s usually better to grow your own. There are several reasons for this:

  • investing in your people pays off big dividends in many ways – morale, demonstration of a commitment to them, and a guaranteed return
  • it is harder to learn your own environment and product that it is to learn the essential understandings of Scrum
  • you know what you are getting
  • for the cost of bringing in an outside Scrum Master for a week you can get three of your own people become truly qualified Scrum Masters

The Advanced Scrum Master and Kanban Online Workshop enables people with a good understanding of Scrum to become good Scrum Masters in 13 weeks. It does this not only with lessons, exercises with their own folks and live with Net Objectives staff, it also provides templates and materials to support them in coaching their teams in Scrum.

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