Why teams starting out with SAFe need little SAFe training but do need ATDD up front – 6 days to #SAFeSummit

I remember my first SAFe implementation – Northwestern Mutual (you can see a case study of it on the SAFe website). I remember that my main focus was on training the managers, product managers and shared service managers. While I did do a SAFe/Scrum course for the train, I wasn’t particularly worried about them.

As a systems thinker, I knew that putting the ARTs into a better system (working on a common cadence & planning together) would have them learn how to do Scrum reasonably well.

Since then, however, I’ve learned that although teams in ARTs don’t need a lot of Scrum training, or even SAFe training (since the RTE will guide them), they  do need upfront ATDD training as I’ve pointed out why in prior post. While SAFe’s new ASE course is a step in the right direction, it still does not have teams learn ATDD at the beginning as they need.

As a contributor to SAFe, past SPCT andd experienced for six years in it, if there were one thing I would teach new teams it’d be ATDD. Fortunately, you don’t have to limit your initial training to just ATDD. Just spend less time in the initial training on the framework and more on the work. Hope to see you at the Summit next week.

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