Why Not Having Adopted Agile Yet May Be Your Best Competitive Edge

Most companies have gone to some form of Agile in order to keep up with the competition. For large companies the ‘Agile’ method of choice is SAFe. While promoting a project to product mentality, its complicated portfolio & product management approach makes this very difficult to achieve. It devolves to a large scale project management system spouting Agile euphemisms while not truly creating a Lean mindset.

After watching SAFe continue to diverge from Flow & Lean thinking, I am convinced that organization looking at how to be Agile should take an approach that more directly focuses on Flow & Lean & less on a framework purporting to use them.

In my mind jumping to these methods directly, instead of taking the disjointed collection of them is a less risky path than SAFe. Especially due to its insistence on a one-size fits all jump in all the way which is actually not a safe thing to do.

Jumping to Flow and Lean thinking provides a competitive edge. And uses more advanced and mature practices than what has become popular by just using a few of their principles. The risk today is not in taking a lead, the risk is in following the crowd down a comfortable but less effective path.

This is not part of my series of posts on how Agile has become unagile but is, of course related.

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