Why it’s so important to learn ATDD upfront

First, let’s be clear what we mean by Acceptance Test-Driven Development. It does not mean automating testing. It means to collaboratively (Product Owners, devs and testers) working together to go from features to small stories (less than three days) that are well-scoped and have clear acceptance criteria that could be automated if desired.

Most companies delay ATDD because CSM and team level courses for SAFe don’t include it. The trade off is more framework and less actual Agile work.

It is possible to integrate ATDD training into a team’s initial Scrum and/or SAFe training. Doing so enables teams to get their work done. If the team is in a company doing SAFe their Scrum Masters and RTEs can more easily work with them. Ceremonies seem more supportive of what they are doing as well – so resistance goes down.

The challenge is teaching ATDD takes a different skill set than teaching CSM or SAFE for Teams classes. Everyone says you eventually need to learn ATDD. The reality is you should do it as soon as possible.

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