Why I’m So Into Scaled Learning

Live training always sounds great, and sometimes it is. But except when has your teams work together, or the materials requires a lot of interaction, it’s often not the best way to do things.

Consider the following:

  • Most of concentrated training is not retained and the concentrated delivery prevents you from trying things in your job & coming back into the class for guidance.
  • It takes time away from your work.
  • There is no method of having you learn the material over time unless your company can afford a coach.
  • Live training is expensive and often involves travel costs.
  • You often don’t know who you are going to get as an instructor.

The bottom line is it’s expensive and not always effective.

Universities have known this for centuries – spreading work out over 3-5 months. They are also adopting flipped classroom style where you read/watch something every week. Try it, interact with the instructor, try again, get questions answered and then go onto another lesson.

This is more effective and can even have remote teams learn together.  The bottom line is several times more learning at significantly less cost.

If you’re interested in learning more, please email me at alshall@netobjectives.com.

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