If you’re having problems sequencing your work items, this is most likely why

There are several concepts needed to do this:

  1. The items to be sequenced must be both the smallest batch of work that can be realized by the customer. They must also include all the work items required for the realization. Note that epics are too large, MVPs are about discovery of what’s of value and features often do not realize value on their own.
  2. A vision on what we’re trying to achieve that the owners of the work being prioritized can agree one. This has to take place at the leadership level.
  3. A way of comparing two items based on cost-of-delay and time to complete.
  4. Being able to implement the items quickly in the order they are sequenced. This provides motivation for the other two. This requires working on smaller sub-batches of this work. Having 3 months of work will not get us to attend to the delays between teams.

Whenever I see people having problems with prioritization, I know one or more of these items are missing.

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