What Type of Client I’m Looking For. Maybe You’re Looking For Me

I know I’m on the edge. And I know I don’t fit everyone – both in style and approach. I prefer working with people who want to think, people who have confidence in themselves. People who are open to learning but don’t believe what they are told until they understand it. People who look for consultants to guide them – not direct them.

I believe frameworks have their place to provide insights on where to start and what to do but are a risk when just followed- which is what most promoters imply when they say “you have to do this until you understand.” I believe that statements says more about their ability to explain and points to a weakness in their framework than it does about who they are talking to.

I have always questioned stock answers, because I believe HL Mencken’s comment – “for every complex problem there is a simple, neat solution that is wrong” applies all too often. The quick fix might get you started but it might also be exactly what gets you even more stuck after just a little while.

I believe that a good approach provides immediate value. And if it doesn’t, then a better approach is available.

If you have similar beliefs, I believe you’d find me valuable to work with.

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