What the certifying bodies can do to improve Agile

To avoid being accused of just being negative I thought I’d put out what I think the certifying bodies can do. After all, each has a well organized marketing and training team.

It would not be hard and they could add value to Agile.  It would take the following steps:

  1. acknowledge that certifying people is misleading. A 2-4 day course has only a minor impact on people. Just give accreditation that they’ve taken the course.
  2. admit that their approach is a good approach for certain situations, and specify what those situations are
  3. acknowledge that there is more to learn and that everything can be improved. That no one (including the person running the organization) has all the answers.
  4. encourage their trainers to learn news methods instead of forbidding them to do so
  5. understand that in the long wrong, the customers’ best interest is more important than selling a particular approach
  6. adopt modern training methods
  7. don’t preclude things that everyone needs but give no competitive advantage

Bottom line, put truth before marketing.

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