What is the purpose of a framework? 9 days to #SAFeSummit

Frameworks in and of themselves are not the goal. This is sometimes forgotten when Scrum is conflated with Agile. Scrum is a means to Agile, but it is not Agile in the same way a recipe is not the meal. Recipes have ingredients, an order to cook, how to cook, etc. Frameworks provide us with roles, rules, events, structure (of the people) and events. These are all required for effective work.

Good frameworks are based on solid principles, values & practices. They provide us with a way of putting these together while taking advantage of other people’s experience on what works for us.

While clarity and discipline are needed, no one size fits all. This creates a dilemma since people need something solid, but it must be adjusted to the people’s context.

Frameworks should provide us with a starting point where we have clarity on the roles, rules, events, structure and artifacts. But these should be in support of the actual work – not a burden to the work. They also should be considered a method for learning and should not provide any actual or psychological boundaries to go beyond them. Unfortunately, most do. It’s a transformation leader’s responsibility to avoid this.

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