What I’m Up To- Leading the Next Mindshift

I believe the next mindshift in software development will be as big as the one from waterfall to agile has been. Agile is now over 20 years old– a lifetime for the information age. This is evidenced by rise of new methods like Flow and Lean and new technologies like the cloud and AI.

Agile’s growth has been fueled by the successful marketing of a few companies that somehow created the belief that certification in a framework is more meaningful than learning the principles underneath them and the work required to be effective (e.g., ATDD, automated testing). Most certification courses are not taking full advantage of the latest insights now available. And most use old-school training methods that are expensive, inefficient and in some cases preclude customizing the materials promoted

We’re told complexity prevents those new to Agile from understanding principles from the beginning and that there aren’t best practices that can be readily tailored to the needs learning them. Many of us have demonstrated otherwise.

I’m up to changing this along with many other thought leaders.

If it seems that I’m tearing down something, it’s only so I can help build something better.

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