What I Think About Scrum

First of all, I like Scrum. I think it can be a great framework when used in the right place. But I also think it must be taught as a tool in your toolbox, not an end in and of itself. This means initial training of Scrum should include more of the flow model (eliminating delays in workflow, feedback and using information) on which it is based. Test-first methods should also be incorporated into this training. This combination allows for teams to avoid most of the pitfalls teams new to Scrum face. I also believe one should look to see if Scrum or Kanban is better for a particular team (or something in between). See first comment for how I do this.


See Why Agile Coaches Need to Know Both Scrum and Kanban.   


By focusing on the work itself instead of the framework, teams are able to customize Scrum as needed for their situation. It gets them thinking more about solving their own problems without worrying about if they are doing Scrum correctly or not.

While it’s true that some certified Scrum trainers add an extra day to include these, it adds a fair amount of expense to cover what’s needed while covering more of Scrum than is needed.

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