What I Am Trying to Destroy

On a twitter thread there was an implication that perhaps the reason some people don’t engage with me is because they perceive my purpose is to destroy. I have told myself that as a good person that is not my intent. But I now realize it is.

Over the last 20 yrs I have observed many patterns of challenge & success in the adoption of Agile. I am convinced that Agile adoptions do not have to be as hard as they usually are. Most of the time they are difficult I see unexamined assumptions as contributing to this. This includes both beliefs underlying the approach used & how to teach it as well as if/when to introduce certain practices.

You destroy unexamined assumptions by examining them (they become examined beliefs). That’s what I am doing.

But many people make their livelihood on frameworks & methods that I believe are based on these unexamined beliefs. And this causes a cycle of poor Agile adoption w/o serious reflection. Unfortunately, as Upton Sinclair has observed, “Its hard to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

My mission is serve the practitioners and consultants who have an aligned mission – making organizations and their people more effective regardless of approach.

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