What agreements does your approach suggest you make with each other across the organization?

Many frameworks imply this agreement is to follow the framework. Others, such as Scrum, go further and insist you follow at least the immutable practices, rules, events and roles. This puts the focus on how individuals follow their role in the framework instead of how they work together.

While this may seem natural, it takes everyone’s focus off agreements between each other. It also has people follow the framework instead of seeing how they should really work together.

Instead, I suggest that your approach should make explicit the agreements people should make between each other. We call these the Guardrails and have found 6 to be particularly useful. These are:

1. Work on items that will realize the greatest amount of business value across the enterprise.
2. Collaborate with each other in order to maximize the realization of business value across the enterprise.
3. Ensure that all work will be made visible.
4. Take the necessary steps to sustain or increase predictability.
5. Keep the work throughout the value stream within capacity.
6. Encourage everyone to strive for continuous improvement.

See the full writeup of the guardrails here.

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