We shouldn’t be surprised by Dark Agile. We should be surprised Agile works as well as it does

Our Agile at scale methods are often like driving on the wrong side of the road in reverse during a rainstorm. While the driver’s are well intended, and may even appreciate that at least they’re in a car, that are better ways. Here’s a list of things we must do that are usually not done when attempting Agile at scale.

  • Take a systems-thinking approach
  • Explicitly connect what the company wants to invest in to the development group
  • Organize work around the value stream
  • Manage the environment people are working in
  • Attend to the organization’s culture
  • Start with a framework of practices that have been customized for the organization
  • Use the concept of Minimum Business Increments (MBIs) (quite different from MVPs)
  • Attend to inter- and intra-team flow when creating programs
  • Adjust your planning methods to the needs of the organization
  • Do test-first at the requirement level
  • Do test-first at the code level
  • Create visibility of workflow
  • Have explicit agreements about how work is being done
  • Don’t buy into comments by those selling a framework that the above can’t be done.

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