We need to focus on our work, not the framework

A great way to illustrate this is to read imaginary certification question for a framework, vs how to get your work done. Which would you rather be able to answer? My experience is it takes about the same amount of time to learn either one.

“What is a program backlog?” compared with “How does an effective intake process help define responsibilities for product management and make life better for developers?”

“What is an acceptable length for a program increment?” compared with “How does the length of a program increment affect your organization?”

“What is an acceptable sprint length? ” compared with “How does time-boxing help a team?”

“What is a value stream? Compared with “How does looking at a value stream can help you?”

“Describe SAFe’s program increment planning event.” compared with “What factors are important to attend to when cross-team planning is done?”

“What does ‘finding the kidney’ mean?” compared with “”What factors do you need to look at to create quality trains?”

“How do teams work together in SAFe? ” compared with “What factors can you look at to improve how teams work together?”

“What team structure does SAFe suggest?” compared with “Why do cross-functional teams improve development?”

“What team structure does SAFe suggest?” compared with “When should you use Scrum, Kanban or a combination of the two?”

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