We need disruption in Agile Training and Coaching

Certifying bodies promoting a particular brand have changed the industry for the better in many ways.

But they are businesses. And their model is selling training. As much as possible, as you’d expect from any business. And the people they support’s model is training and placing coaches.

Brands compete – so it’s not surprising to see a focus on the brand in workshops instead of activities everyone needs to learn. If the focus were on the work much of Agile training would look similar.

Training today is not that dissimilar to what it was 20 years ago – intense workshops with follow up coaching. The first is inefficient (people don’t retain much from workshops) and the second is expensive.

We need a disruptive force here. But don’t expect the certifying bodies to provide the disruption – they have no incentive to make things more efficient. Expect the disruption to come from somewhere else.

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