Using Lean to Focus on Your Work

The reason I am not a fan of frameworks is that they mostly have us focus on activities that are proxies to what we need to do to achieve what we really want to do – realize value quickly, predictably, sustainably and with high quality. Lean provides us insights on what to directly work on. Consider these 5 aspects of product development:

Focus on what’s of value to the company. Much of this will be providing better value to the customer some will be on how the organization builds them. This must be quantified for it to be relevant since everyone in the organization must see these driving factors. Use OKRs (objectives and key results) as a basis with strategies and initiatives being spawned by them.

Understand your value stream network details the steps and who does them that it takes to actually create the value.

Focus on lowering the cost of delay which is the time lost to delays in value realization. Organizational structure, development method, size of the work to be done and how people collaborate are significant factors.

Manage the flow of work and the ecosystem through which all of this flows. This includes when work is started and how decisions are made for how people work together.

Continuously improve the above.

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