Time to Say Goodbye to Empirical Process Control

Creating software has several aspects to it.

  1. Deciding what to create
  2. How creating new software affects existing software
  3. How people work with each other
  4. The process being used to build it

Although all of this creates a very complex process, only the first three are fairly unpredictable, the fourth is not.

We understand flow: Build small things quickly by removing delays in workflow, in feedback, and in using information. By attending to the theory of flow, teams can readily understand why and how they should do things. Teams no longer have to  re-invent the best way to do iterative, incremental software development.

Doing Scrum with a deeper understanding about why its ceremonies and practices work can save countless person-months of struggle.

This requires more than just inserting some Lean practices into  Scrum. It requires understanding of Lean-Flow deeply. Fortunately, you can learn by using our years of experience of failing to attend to it!

Although that sounds odd, presented with the theory of flow, you can see its affect on you in the past and, thus, gain years of experience. Use this to create a deeper understanding and use that to guide your future.


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