The Patterns Themselves

The next long series of posts will be about the patterns themselves. For each pattern there will be two back-to-back posts, and in each I will delineate:

  • The kind of issue the pattern applies to
  • A concrete or conceptual example of the pattern with a UML diagram
  • How the pattern displays/exemplifies the qualities and principles of good design
  • How to test the pattern
  • Some caveats, questions, decisions, and concerns about the pattern
  • Other patterns that often show up with the given one

Not all of these patterns come from the Gang of Four book. In fact, I will not cover all the patterns that are contained in their book.

This is the set of patterns that I believe every developer should know. They are the best ones to study if you want to understand patterns overall and the kind of design they promote.

Not all good designs are patterns. But all designs should be as good as the patterns are. By studying the patterns, you are also studying good design.

These are brief conceptual sketches of the patterns, to quickly remind you of the details of each one. A link to a more thorough discussion (at the Net Objectives Pattern Repository) with also be provided in each case.

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