The Next Generation of Business Value Realization

In the past, we have tried waterfall, Agile, and Agile at scale to deliver value through product development. Each has been lacking.

Here is what the next generation of accelerated value delivery will require.

  • An integration of business and technology based on flow intended to reduce the cost of delay
  • An intense focus on the realization of value
  • Organizing technology development as a network of teams
  • Using the role of Value Stream Architect to ensure this network supports the teams
  • A validation mindset including what’s being built, how it is being built, and it’s being built correctly
  • An increase in innovation
  • Accelerated development

All of this requires a focus on business agility, the quick realization of value predictably, sustainably, and with high quality. It will incorporate theories of organizational development, advanced training methods (especially those using flipped-classroom style training to lower costs), Lean management, and flow. It will include, but not be limited to, the mindsets of Agile and Lean.

This next generation is still in the early adopter phase. But adoption will likely be much faster than previous generations because the need for accelerating value delivery is so critical.
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