The Most Important Part of an Agile Framework Is How it Is Adopted – Day 4 of #SAFeSummit countdown

There are many lessons we can learn from the challenges incurred in adopting Scrum. I suggest the significant amount of bad Scrum in the world is due to the approach in teaching it.

The most popular method focuses on the framework itself. It usually consists of a CSM taught to a team. Some guidance is provided on how to write stories, but the attendees spend virtually no time writing their own stories past the ubiquitous “as a user…” method which is insufficient in the real world.

Another method focuses on Agile analysis by having teams create a backlog of their own stories using some aspects of ATDD. Only minimum training on Scrum is needed since it is now in support of what the team’s work & they already have an understanding of the why for feedback.

We have found the 2nd approach to be significantly more effective because people leave the workshops actually doing Scrum & don’t have to figure out parts later.

I see the same thing happening with SAFe with different ramifications. The SAFe framework alone often improves orgs’ agility because of the quarterly planning event. But working with product managers prior to the event & teaching teams more ATDD & less SAFe is critical.

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