The Minimum Business Increment (MBI) Template

MBIs represent both the smallest amount of value that can be implemented and realized while also containing all of what’s needed for this realization. In other words, MBIs are small but sufficient. If it’s bigger than necessary, you will make flow harder to achieve. If it is insufficient, product may be built but it won’t be effectively realized.

Here is what an MBI must contain.

  • Requirements
    • Who this is being created for
    • Use cases to describe the value
    • Meet the organization’s definition of done
  • What’s needed to develop it
    • Development teams involved in creating it
    • Architectural issues
    • Other capacities needed (such as UX, shared services)
  • What’s needed for release / realization
    • Documentation
    • Marketing
    • Support
    • Ops

It’s hard to argue that our value shouldn’t be defined this way, yet most frameworks don’t specify this. This is another reason that MBIs should be used for extensions to existing software and not MVPs.

See more on MBIs and how they fit into Lean Product Management.

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