The high cost of certification

The certifying bodies who control their IP have incentives to keep costs high. They do this by having a limited supply of trainers, using small classroom size techniques, and providing more training on their frameworks than we’ve found necessary. This extra focus on the framework takes away from the skills people have to learn to be effective.

The cycle is learn the framework, then learn what to do in the framework (e.g., ATDD). This, of course, gets you back for more. But not having this knowledge slows down the adoption which costs much more than the training itself.

Net Objectives’ doesn’t sell on cost- we come from delivering the right training with modern training methods such as scaled learning and integrated coaching. But people keep telling me they are surprised at our low training fees.

We integrate Scrum/Kanban with ATDD & SAFe for teams and have workshops for entire trains so they learn together while taking fewer days to do so. More important than the money saved is that teams learn ATDD (an essential skill) right up front. Our costs? $21k, $30k, $39k for 25, 50 & 75 people respectively.

And these classes are led by either myself or someone maybe better.

Be aware of the true costs of certification.

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