The Essence of SAFe – countdown #17

17 days until I’ll be at the SAFe Summit (10/2-4). This begins a series of daily posts about SAFe & how Targetprocess & Net Objectives provides a complete solution for mid-scale companies both using (& not) using SAFe.

SAFe is not intended to be followed dogmatically, although that often happens. Understanding the essence of what SAFe is attempting to accomplish will enable you to use it better.

In a nutshell, SAFe, properly used:

  • is guided by Lean-Agile principles
    • taking a systems-thinking point of view
    • avoiding delays in workflow & feedback
  • managing work-in-process by
    • focusing on the most important items
    • having a well-defined intake process
  • increases collaboration by
    • creating visibility
    • planning together

We must remember SAFe is a framework, and all frameworks are best used as tools to help guide the adoption of the core principles underneath things. When SAFe is used as something to follow, it becomes dogma & actually works against achieving business agility – the quick realization of value predictably, sustainably and with high quality.

The lessons of SAFe are:

  • leadership is a must
  • take a value stream wide view
  • focus on removing cost of delay
  • be guided by Lean-Agile principles

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