Step 2: Shift from Agile at the team to business agility

Agile is a great ideal. It feels good. It is a call to liberation. We should never lose this. But we must also remember Millard Fuller’s observation “It is easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than think your way into a new way of acting.”

This means working together will get you to trust and respect faster than saying to trust and respect each other will get you to working together. The latter is a nice thought but doesn’t work with divergent roles and values.

The goals of the people in an organization should be to provide value to the organization by enabling the organization to provide value to its customers. We want to do this quickly, predictably, sustainable and with high quality. This is business agility. When this happens the needs of the people are also met – they have a sense of purpose and get acknowledgement.

Once we shift to business agility and take a systems thinking approach, Lean can provide guidance to creating an environment within which people can do this. This provides insight into the role of management – create an environment within which teams can self-organize and create the value that is consistent with the vision of the organization.

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