Slower, Better, Cheaper- Why Scaled Learning Is Our Future and How to Get it Today

There are two types of classroom training – one where the instructor dumps information into the students minds. The second when labs are involved so that students are mostly interacting with the instructor or doing work.

This post refers to the first type.

Classroom training is centuries old. The recent fad of adding exercises and games helps, but doesn’t change the fact that the students forget 80-90% of what they’ve learned after just a week. Training is also focused on a canned solution instead of people’s problems.

Universities don’t use this ineffective model. They spread out training to facilitate true learning.

In our Adopting FLEX online workshop, students watch recordings lessons and then work with me, other students and their associates on their problems.

Reusing lessons lowers the cost of delivery letting me work directly with students to solve their own problems. This integrated coaching lowers the need for follow up coaching.

The Adopting FLEX Workshop online uses these methods to teach Lean-Agile transformation agents how to adopt FLEX in their organizations. The core of the workshop is equivalent to a 3-day on site workshop and includes more than a day with me working with participants in solving their actual problems. It is available for enrollment now for only $1995. It is also the first step towards certification in being able to teach FLEX yourself.

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