Qualities of a good framework

Good frameworks are based on the value stream. This makes it easier for people to see their challenges and how they relate to each other. Roles are defined as responsibilities in the value stream and not as separate people. Roles can be expanded as required by the organization’s size.

Good frameworks adapt to fit the organization’s culture and situation. Resistance to adoption is lowered since the framework is presented as a solution to people’s challenges and not as something that may or may not help them.

Any practice or event in the framework should be presented as an example of what can be done. Alternatives, for different situations should also be presented.

The explanation of the framework is presented as an example of what a good organization does. More options can be provided as needed. This allows for adding options without adding complexity and still providing an holistic view.

When an adoption requires only part of the value stream to be worked on, how to influence the rest of the value stream is included.

It includes a support system to help people solve their challenges adopting it.

If licensing framework materials, how to adapt and teach the framework is also be provided.

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