A personal goal of almost two decades is manifested today

I founded Net Objectives almost 20 yrs ago. I have always loved solving problems and having a chance to earn a living by helping others solve problems has been a very wonderful opportunity for me.

I have long thought that training methods have had to change significantly to keep up with the growing demand. It has in some ways – simulations, games, group exercises, etc. But basically, training is how it has always been. Especially in the area of growing Scrum Masters or Agile Team Coaches. In particular provide 2-4 days of coaching & then either let them go on their own or pay a lot of money for a coach.

Learning how to be a coach is quite different from learning the content required of a coach. This content is missing from most Agile trainings in my mind. The best way to teach this is via a flipped classroom style (i.e., have participants read/watch something, give them an assignment, do Q&A live with them afterwards). This is not just a better type of training, it also easily scales. The real cost of training is not the $s spent, but the time lost, so it’s also less costly. This is what we announced today. If you have hundreds of Scrum Masters or other Agile coaches & need an effective way to grow them, please contact me. See Coaching Academy for Large Organizations for more.

Al Shalloway
CEO, Net Objectives

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