Pay for your Agile adoption with the waste you eliminate by focusing on Agile Product Management (APM)

The intent of APM is to identify the most valuable work to be done, focus on just that work, prepare it for the teams to work on &guide them in building the functionality needed in thin slices. This creates quick feedback, the ability to pivot & faster value realization.  The goal is business agility–the quick realization of value predictably, sustainable &w/high quality. Product management creates clarity on what is most valuable for the organization to build while providing teams guidance in its implementation. By discovering & removing unnecessary scope and providing this slices of work, teams become focused on true value delivery while becoming more efficient. This enables dramatically shorter times from start to initial value delivery.

The cost of your adoption can literally be paid for by reducing the planning cycle from 6 sprints to 2-4 sprints. The cost in time & dollars to learn how to do this is more than offset by eliminating the unnecessary planning required by 6 sprint program increments. Shorter increments are possible because of the greater focus.

The result is quicker delivery right at the start. So costs are the same, and delivery is faster.

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