An open invitation for a discussion

After being at Agile 2018 I see more hope for people learning how to become more effective in a more effective manner. People were asking questions and fewer were looking for quick, rote, solutions. Of course, my sample was incredibly unscientific and is anecdotal. But I am an optimist.

I know I have a reputation for seeing the negative in things. But my path has always been:

  1. I look for what is out there that works best
  2. try it and learn
  3. when I see a better way go to the creators and work with them to improve it
  4. keep doing #3 as long as they are engaged
  5. discuss what would be better in a public forum
  6. talk about new opportunities
  7. never give up hope for improvement
  8. never settle for what you have if things could be better

My commitment is to what works. If you are also committed to that and identify with my approach, I am an open invitation to have a discussion.

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