Nice to See Scrum Evolve

Recently, announced the integration of Kanban practices into Scrum and that “Observe Orient Decide Act (OODA) is the mindset of Scrum. This comes on top of the announcement of Scrum team training a few years ago. These are all good things. It’s nice to see the Scrum community catching up to the many non-certifying consultants who’ve been doing these things for 5-10 years.

But, the rest of us have not been sitting still. We’ve moved on to include BDD in initial team training so that new teams can avoid the challenges most teams adopting Scrum commonly run into. More importantly, many of us are looking at what’s next after Agile (not the spirit, but the doing)

In any event, while putting Kanban practices into Scrum is good, it still lacks critical aspects of Lean. It is not the same as adopting Scrum within a Lean mindset

For many, Scrum still remains a team framework providing few insights for teams to work within larger organizations where the team does not have end-to-end responsibility for the products/services they are building.

Of course, Scrum has crossed the chasm, so it’s extremely popular. But if you consider yourself an innovator or early adopter, I suggest you investigate more modern methods.

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