Lean Thinking on frameworks vs. the work in them

One of the central tenets of Lean is that the system people are in impacts them significantly. This does not mean, however, that one can just create a new system and put people in it – this would be a perversion of Lean-Thinking.  Lean suggests systems support our people. But this presumes they are capable of getting their work done. Putting people into a potentially Agile system does not teach someone actual Agile skills.

The application of a framework to create a better environment only works if skills necessary to support the intention of the framework are included with the framework. Unfortunately, providing both simultaneously has the great risk of overloading the individuals in the organization. The likely result will be a focus on the framework without actually learning the new skills. This may end up becoming a burden into and of itself. One must implement Agile in an Agile manner – providing core Agile skills with the core framework – adding both as time goes on.

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