Lean-Agile Newsletter – July 17, 2019

Net Objectives

Last newsletter we announced our FLEX Train the trainer program. But as I’m working with clients — some using FLEX, others in improving their SAFe adoption — I find myself recommending the FLEX 3 day workshop to them so they can understand both the recommended practices and principles better, and therefore be more self-sufficient and require less coaching. We have an online one coming up next week (starting July 22), so I wanted to make sure you knew it was about to start.

I’ve also written a series of blogs called Questions About Your Approach which gives great insights into how all improvement approaches should be helping you.

Scott Bain has announced A new series by Scott Bain : Design Patterns

As always, happy to chat with you about your challenges and how we can help.

Al Shalloway 
CEO, Net Objectives
425-269-8991 @alshalloway

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Date Events
July 22 Online Course: FLow for Enterprise Transformation Scaled Learning Workshop
Aug 19 Online Course: FLEX for SAFe Scaled Learning Workshop
Aug 28-30 Public Course in Atlanta, GA: FLow for Enterprise Transformation Workshop
Sep 9 Online Course: FLow for Enterprise Transformation Scaled Learning Workshop
Oct 23-25 Public Course in San Mateo, CA: FLow for Enterprise Transformation Workshop
Now Online Course: Advanced Scrum Master and Kanban Online Workshop
Now Online Course: Foundations of Sustainable Design
Now Online Course: Agile Product Management Essential Concepts (Free!)
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