Lean-Agile Newsletter – April 30, 2019

Net Objectives

I have been doing Agile for over 20 years. I see a new path forward, however. One that includes the entire value stream (from concept to consumption) and one that integrates many ideas on the technical side throughout the value stream. This newsletter focuses on two things:

  1. What’s the next thing after Agile (or, if you prefer, what is Agile morphing into?)
  2. How to improve your technical agility

For those who want to see what’s coming in Agile at scale

For those wanting to see what’s coming in technical agility

A side note for those considering or wanting to improve SAFe. As a former contributor to SAFe, an SPCT and Gold partner, I know how to make SAFe better. If you’re considering doing SAFe or want to see how to improve it, see Part IX: Using FLEX to both enhance and simplify SAFe.

As always, happy to chat with you about your challenges and how we can help.

Al Shalloway, CEO, Net Objectives

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