Lean-Agile Newsletter – April 4, 2019

Net Objectives


First of all, we have a new website which better explains some of our services. See www.netobjectives.com.
Second, I’m almost done with my book: Going Beyond Lean and Agile: Introducing FLEX – FLow for Enterprise Transformation. While it’s about our approach we’ve written a section how how you can make SAFe agile by putting our Lean Portfolio and Product Management on top of Essential SAFe. See Part IV: Using FLEX to both enhance and simplify SAFe how to have much less complexity while having much more effectiveness.

Then we have created an online Advanced Scrum Masters / Kanban on-the-job workshop led by me for only $100 a month (typically takes 3 months).  This workshop is part of our university. A lot more is there beyond this workshop.

We also are offering our first workshop on our FLow for Enterprise Transformation approach. Not another framework but rather an approach that integrates existing solutions to create a custom-fit approach to your needs. More effective, less complicated than pre-set solutions.

And, of course we’re still offering our standard set of ATDD/BDD, TDD, Design Patterns, Scrum and Kanban classes.  Note the public offerings of some of those courses coming up in Seattle and California in the next month plus listed in the table below my signature.

If you’re considering doing some Agile at scale and think SAFe’s too big (or expensive) please contact me as I’d love to chat about some ideas and services you may not be aware of.
Lots of new stuff on our blogs as well, check that out at Netobjectivesthoughts.com  Note many of these have podcasts included and are on iTunes.

In fact, I’d be happy to chat about anything regarding delivering value to your customers (internal or external) faster.

Al Shalloway 

CEO, Net Objectives
425-269-8991 @alshalloway

SAFe® is a registered trademark of Scaled Agile, Inc.

Don’t see one in your area? Let us know so we can see about scheduling one nearby!

Date Public Courses
April 10-12 Public Course: Design Patterns Thinking
April 30-May 2 Public Course: Sustainable Test-Driven Development
May 5-7 Public Course: FLow for Enterprise Transformation – Going Beyond Lean and Agile to Achieve Business Agility
Now Online Course: Advanced Scrum Master and Kanban Online Workshop
Now Online Course: Lean-Agile at Mid-Scale: FLEX Essentials
Now Online Course: Foundations of Sustainable Design
Now Online Course: Agile Product Management Essential Concepts (Free!)
Let us know if we can schedule a public course in your area

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