Introduction to FLEX webinar tomorrow 9am pacific.

FLEX leaps beyond the normal frameworks of today that are somewhat preset in how they work.

There are three mindshifts in FLEX:
1) our goal is business agility – the quick realization of value predictably, sustainably and with high quality
2) people do need a set place to start but it can be based on their needs, not a preset approach that makes selling courses easier
3) we must focus on the work by attending to flow using Flow and Lean thinking

FLEX’s approach is simple:
1) see where you want to go
2) see what’s in your way
3) create a roadmap to help alleviate these challenges
4) start working
5) improve your explicit workflow, policies, practices as you go

It’s a myth that you need a one-size fits all approach that preset frameworks provide for consistency. FLEX is as well documented as SAFe but is documented as a live document which is literally updated by the consultant using it to guide you.

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