Implementing Strategies with Small Pieces of Work- 8 days to #SAFeSummit

A question often arises of how to connect strategies, which are long term thinking, with the shorter event horizon of small increments of delivery. The first part of the answer is to shift our thinking from project thinking to product/service thinking. This means that we think of the offerings we provide and consider how we consistently improve them instead of doing a series of one-off projects.

We manage these improvements by creating initiatives based on our strategies and then consider the business increments we want to release on a regular basis. Our talent should be organized around these streams of value &our budgeting based on the cost of maintaining these groups. Business increments, of course, should be further decomposed into Minimum Business Increments so that value can be delivered as quickly as possible.

We finance these streams based on their relative importance and what we want to invest in. Although these value streams can be made to be mostly independent of each other, there are always shared services of one sort or another. If these represent constraints to value delivered then constraining capabilities should prioritize their work based on the the relative value of the MBIs to each other

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