If you’re wondering what’s next after Agile or are tired of limited offerings, here’s a place to go

While Agile has made a definite improvement in the world since it started 2 decades ago, it is hard to argue that it hasn’t stagnated. We hear about dark Scrum and fake Agile almost as much as the real thing.

4 or 5 organizations dominate a focus on frameworks and certification and not on true learning. These companies are proud that they can release new versions every 1 or 2 years while espousing their clients to do it continuously.

There is no question Agile has crossed the chasm but that just raises the question – what’s next? Agile is 20 years old – ancient in the software world that reinvents itself every 5 years or so.

Many people out there are like purposed as I am. You can relax, I said like purposed not like styled 🙂 I have been creating a group called the True North Consortium which is about true open learning and continuous improvement.

If you want to learn more you can join our user group at

True North Consortium it self is located at truenorthconsortium.com – but it’s site is still under construction. Let me know if you are interested in joining it at a higher level than the group.

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