How MVPs are Limiting you if You’re Using SAFe

MVPs were defined by Eric Ries to mean “that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.”

If you are an established company, especially if you are using SAFe, the chances are excellent that you area not creating a new product but enhancing an existing one. You already have a customer base, know a considerable amount about your product and you have competitors you are trying to either keep ahead of or catch up to. This is a considerably different situation than creating a new product that you hope will create a new market.

In this situation, product development starts with initiatives to build. he question isn’t so much how do you discover if there is a product, as is it “what is of the most value that we can deliver sooner.” This requires a different tact. This is what a Minimum Business Increment is for. MBIs are that smallest part of an initiative that will realize the most value when delivered. This is a far cry from the MVP where we start small and extend.

While both MVPs and MBIs are conceptually about value sooner, they are considerably different in implementation. If you’ve been having trouble using MVPs, now you know why.

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