If You’re Looking to Improve Your Coaching Skills Our Advanced Scrum Master / Kanban Online Program Is Your Best Bet

Let’s face it. A 2 day class may be enough to get you understanding Scrum & another one might get you to understand it a bit better, but the only way you learn how to be a good Scrum Master / Kanban Team coach is by doing. This program, led by me, is designed to do just that.

In it, you’ll work through the issues that you are having with your own teams. Each week you will learn something and then apply that to your teams. Weekly Q&A sessions assist you with any challenges you have in doing this. While there is a designed curriculum, our integrated support system enables you to pick up topics in different orders while still get assistance from me as needed.

Based on Lean principles, this program will enable you to integrate the best of Scrum & Kanban. Learning takes time.

Ask yourself why take a 2-day class that covers half the material and costs twice as much and then leaves you on your own when you could be in a 3 month program working with your team and having a Scrum/Kanban thought leader helping you?

The class starts 1/18 and is only $595. Please message me for more information. See comments for more info.

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