If your technology group is 50-500 people and you think SAFe’s too big for you & that Less doesn’t have enough management then you are right.

There is an alternative to being too heavy or too light and we’ve been doing it for over a decade. It’s not a one-size fits all so writing it up is a bit difficult. But the process we use is straightforward:

  1. See where you are and educate leadership &product management by demonstrating how quick value realization can be achieved
  2. Work with Product Managers on identifying small chunks of value and write acceptance criteria for thin slices so they can be built quickly
  3. Teach the teams how to write small stores with well defined scope and testable acceptance criteria
  4. Coordinate teams with shared backlogs as needed
  5. Do rolling planning events of 1-4 sprints that are focused on collaboration and dependency management so that you can achieve flow
  6. Create visibility across the org so that people can align

There is more, of course.

Step back and look at the alternatives:

  1. Take lots of training about a framework you should be working in
  2. Learn how to do the work by doing it & then deciding on your collaborative agreements

I like #2 best.

If you think that’s a more reasonable approach, please message me I can show you why you are right

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