If you know Scrum or Kanban your next course should be in a course that covers what you don’t know

I’ve written recent posts about stoping the binary thinking & a Manifesto for Agile Learning. The key point of both is that breadth is more important than depth. If you’re an SM you may have the concepts of Scrum & Agile down, but may not have what you need regarding Kanban. If all you’ve done is Kanban, there are concepts in Scrum that are quite useful as well.

I co-founded Lean Kanban University w/David Anderson (I’m no longer affiliated). One reason I left the organization was what I perceived to be a tunnel-vision view. “Visualize, don’t reorganize” is limiting in my mind. Cross-functional teams have shown to increase innovation and reduce handoffs. I’ve always like Don Reinertsen’s statement “flow when you can pull when you must.” Flow is not just about using kanban &visibility.

This is why we’ve created Team Agility, a blend of the 2 and The Net Objectives Coaching Academy for Scrum Masters and Agile Team Coaches. It’s more about effectiveness using all of the methods available instead of mere certification.

Let me know if you’d like to learn more.

NOTE: i know many Scrum & Kanban trainers who teach both, I am referring to the orgs that promote only one.

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