How the Certifying Bodies Are Impeding Agile

Now that the three Scrum bodies are offering Kanban you might think the Agile wars are over and it’s a good thing. But just the opposite is true. Their focus is still on the certs. What’s missing is what’s the science, the right mindset underneath product development. Few look for what is common, underneath Scrum and Kanban. The rate of change has been geologic for the information age.

What if there were a set of rules, principles and even laws underneath product development? (btw, it’s called Flow). Scrum would just be a way to apply it. So would Kanban. Getting certified in either would be like a carpenter being certified in screwdrivers or hammers. But few look since branding would be severely impacted and specialized training (the main rev source for certifying bodies) would be curtailed.

This same conundrum is true for SAFe. We’re being bombarded with trainings based on a subset of what is known but being labeled as the best way. 15 yrs ago this would have been fine. Back then only a handfull understood things (I was not one of them). But now we know better.

I no longer think set courses of action are useful. It’s like buying a suit off a rack where they only have three sizes. Custom fit solutions cost less and work better, but you won’t get certification.

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