How Scrum’s core is useful and incorporates the essence of Agile

This post continues my series on Getting Back to the Original Scrum.

Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland captured several key concepts of what The New New Product Development Game (TNNPDG) suggested how product development teams should work. I believe these core roles, practices, events and rules are the core reason that Scrum works. These include:

  • cross-functional teams
  • all team members are responsible for developing the product
  • the team works for an uninterrupted period to create an increment of value which is shown to the stakeholders at the end of the time-box
  • performing a retrospective at the end of the sprint
  • a daily pivot

This represents only part of Scrum. I do not list modifications of TNNPDG that were made either to enable Scrum to work where teams are being directed from the outside or that are not consistent with the thinking behind TNNPDG.

These core aspects alone, however, are very powerful and, on their own, can readily create a 5x improvement of the work teams do.

This improvement is good. But it doesn’t mean we can’t do better. It does, however, capture the essence of Agile with self-organizing teams working towards a goal focused on quick feedback and delivery.

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