How Midscale Companies Can Use a Lightweight Version of SAFe – #SAFeSummit 13

Many mid-scale companies feel they are in the dilemma that LeSS is insufficient while SAFe feels like too much. Many decide to use the SAFe program increment planning event but are left with little guidance on product management. SAFe”s intriguing because it provides many good insights – MVPs, MMFs, Solutions, and more. But many of these are discussed mostly at the portfolio level or above.

The Minimum Business Increment (MBI) discussed in my earlier post, can provide all of these concepts regardless of scale. A sequenced list of MBIs is much easier to achieve at mid-scale than in large companies. Providing such a list to development groups enable them to understand how to best allocate their capacity to what’s most important

Agile Product Management requires:

  1. Identifying the value to be realized in the form of MBIs
  2. Sequencing this list of MBIs based on cost of delay
  3. Shifting from an attitude of how much can I get in a release to what’s the next small slice we can build

Acceptance test-driven development is a key for the third. This approach can also be used in larger organizations that have mid-size development groups. Our topic tomorrow will be how to do this to improve Essential SAFe.

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