The goal is not to adopt Scrum. The goal is to increase your agility while using Scrum as a vehicle.

Scrum has proven to be effective but companies often encounter severe challenges with its adoption. The common reasons given include problems with the team or management or insufficient commitment in time, money or determination. At Net Objectives, we believe otherwise. After using and teaching Scrum for two decades, we see the root cause of challenges with Scrum adoption lie in how it is promoted and the ways in which it is adopted. Scrum is often promoted as the answer instead of as part of the solution. And it is approached as something that is “simple to understand, but difficult to master” and therefore takes a long time to adopt. The reality is that it is not Scrum that is difficult to master, it is that the practices that need to be folded into Scrum that are.

As you approach adopting Scrum, you must consider how teams fit into the bigger picture of the organization. This informs the entire process of Scrum adoption. There are three phases: preparation, workshops and supporting the adoption. This has informed the approach at Net Objectives. It begins with a focus on the complex skills needed to master Scrum while leaving some of the details of Scrum’s ceremonies to later.

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