Getting back to the original Scrum

This post begins my series on Getting Back to the Original Scrum.

I understand why people think I don’t like Scrum. I have been struggling with this myself. I have used Scrum for almost 2 decades with great results. But I teach it differently and base it on a different model than the Scrum Guide.

I’ve been realizing what I love about Scrum comes from The New New Product Development Game and what I don’t comes from its redefinition.

Scrum was not created by Ken and Jeff. It was created by Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka in 1986 and formalized later for software development (while leaving all aspects of actual development out of the definition – another challenge in my mind).

I am going to start writing a series of blogs about this:

  1. what is great about Scrum and how it incorporates the essence of Agile
  2. why basing Scrum on empiricism instead of Nonaka’s learning model makes Scrum less effective in general and in IT environments in particular.
  3. the New Scrum Game – recreating Team-Agile based on what we’ve learned after more than 2 decades of Scrum’s initial appearance.
  4. what I’d add to Scrum given our current knowledge of Flow, Lean and technical practices today
  5. why I’d change the Product owner roles to be more consistent with TNNPDG
  6. why I’d change the Product owner roles to be more consistent with TNNPDG
  7. why these additions are critical more than 2 decades later
  8. how to incorporate Nonaka’s Middle-Up-Down Management into Scrum
  9. A summary of New Scrum Game

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