Focus on Realization of Value, Not Delivery of Software – #SAFeSummit 14

The purpose of Agile@scale is business agility- the quick realization of value predictably, sustainably & with high quality. We know we want to realize value in increments, but what do we call these increments? I say “realize” not “deliver” because the mere delivery of software often has no value- it usually requires non-software aspects to be useful.

This increment must be big enough to realize value while not being bigger than needed. This increment must also make sense from a customer & business perspective meaning we must attend to delivery costs by both the business and the customer. We call this increment the minimum business increment (MBI). This is not the same as an MVP (minimum viable product) because an MVP is used to validate the hypothesis that something is of value, but is not necessarily the product itself. Not to mention that not all software teams are building products.

In any event, the context of the MVP is a startup – which typically has small, aligned teams that can pivot. But the idea is similar- smallest item that can deliver the desired value.

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