FLEX: FLow for Enterprise Transformation

Goal: Achieve business agility: The quick realization of business value predictably, sustainably and with high quality

Why: The purpose of an organization is to provide value to the customers and a great working environment so that their employees can manifest a sense of purpose and be acknowledged for that

What: Achieve flow in the organization using Flow and Lean-Thinking, culture, organizational development, human behavior, laws of software development, effective leadership and management

How: Provide a starting framework to an organization that has been tuned for the organization and a method to improve it on an ongoing basis

How FLEX is different:

  • Attends to the entire value stream regardless of size
  • Provides a well defined starting point tuned to the organization adopting it (including culture, current skill set, and who is sponsoring the adoption)
  • The method that achieves this is also used to adjust practices over time
  • Puts our focus on the workflow and the environment within which people work as well as the agreements people in the organization should make with each other
  • Takes advantage of both proven business practices (strategies, OKRs) and cutting edge ones (Beyond Budgeting)

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