FLEX: A Pattern Language for Achieving Business Agility

Patterns are solutions to recurring problems within a context. A pattern language is a set of patterns that when combined solve a large problem. FLEX is a system that explicitly describes the process experts use to help an organization achieve business agility. These patterns include:

  1. Portfolio management using well-defined strategies with clear objectives
  2. Using minimum business increments
  3. Having an effective intake process
  4. Well-formed collections of teams that collaborate with each other
  5. Effective team formation
  6. Using test-first to understand requirements
  7. Program level planning
  8. Teams collaborating with each other via common cadence and synchronization
  9. Coordinated Shared Services
  10. DevOps
  11. Coordinating with marketing and support
  12. Improving Developer Skills
  13. Rate of adoption based on culture
  14. Creating a road map
  15. Lean leadership and management

These patterns provide the basis for creating workflows specifically designed for an organization. By first identifying the issues each organization has with achieving business agility which of these patterns should be applied can be determined. The last three patterns in the list are used to create and lead the plan for improvement

Special thanks to Brent Jensen for helping me see this is what I’ve been doing.

2 thoughts on “FLEX: A Pattern Language for Achieving Business Agility”

  1. Thanks Al (and Brent!). This leaves me feeling as though the obvious has just been stated, though before it was stated it wasn’t at all obvious. To me, that’s an indication that this is a profound revelation. I love moments like this!

  2. Thanks. I’ve been thinking about process patterns for years. But I was hesitant to come up with individual patterns because i know systems aren’t a combination of their components. That being said, I realized that patterns can be used to think about how the different pieces interact with each other.
    There’s a lot more here – will be a few weeks before i can write it up though.

    Thanks again. glad it adds value.

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